Breakaway Daily features entertainment news, photos, music, film, tv, contests, exclusive interviews and more!

Music At Your Fingertips

Connecting fans worldwide to the world of music! If you like listening to new music and seeing what’s out there, this is the site for you. Breakaway Daily is devoted to showcasing music from across the globe and helps to bring in more fans to bands and artists that might not have international distribution. If you would like to submit an artist, music video, etc please contact me. I am a serious music junkie!

Movie News, Reviews, and more!

There is nothing better then watching a movie, and I have seen a lot of them! Reviews, trailers, up and coming films, and more will all be covered here.


I have had the pleasure of conducting interviews with Blake McGrath, Elise Estrada, and Kim Lan. And there are more coming!

If you get sick of the same old same old constantly played on your TV, in your face and on radio than it’s time to BREAKAWAY!

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Breakaway Radio

Breakaway Radio was an online, internationally broadcasted music destination. Since then JB has expanded, not only to include her expertise on music, but movies, tv, film, health and more on BREAKAWAY DAILY!



What fans from around the world said about Breakaway Radio:

Breakaway Radio is definitely the best fan radio out there. I came here first in September 2008 after hearing about it from a bunch of friends i decided to check it out. What I found was a chatroom filled with music lovers who were more than welcoming and we never ran out of things to talk about. JB was and still is one of the nicest people out there that I have ever met and shes constantly tweaking things to make the site and show just perfect. I’d definitely recommend Breakaway Radio for anyone who loves music, wants a few good laughs and wants to make some really good friends. We’ll always remember Breakaway Radio as one place we can feel at home and a place that we’ll always return to.

-KarinaK, Trinidad & Tobago

 Breakaway Radio has so much interactiveness! There is so much to do!

-Mearii, United States

 It introduces us to new music and other interesting stuff from everywhere. It’s internation, plus the people are as well.

IndigoKitti, United States

 It has the latest music news, videos, and its cool to chat with people online.

Tiggerbear, Canada


Breakaway Daily does not claim ownership of the music or photos displayed on this blog. The entertainment information that is posted are for promotional purposes only.

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