If you ever wanted to know what Rihanna was like while washing away the days grime, then her newest videos are for you! Rihanna took a bath on camera, called it a music video and it already has excedded 10 million view! Her new emotional song features equally vulnerable videos. Check out a somber Rihanna below and let me know which version of the video you prefer.

Version One was leaked by Rihanna right after her Grammy win. Shot in one take, the video shows a pensive Rihanna, soaking in the bathtub, choosing only to sing along to parts of the lyrics. It is daring and extremely stripped down, literally. It is so personal when you watch it, you almost feel like you shouldn’t because it almost looks like someone leaked a personal video of Rihanna in the tub! I am glad they release a more polished version because this one just didn’t feel complete, lile it was missing something. Mikky Ekko should have made an appearance even at the end holding the camera, lol!  (Ok, Ok I wanted him at the other end taking a bath with her, there I said it!)

In version Two, the official version of the Sophie Muller-directed video, Rihanna is joined by Mikky Ekko (yes!) and both singers reflect on on a love gone wrong. At one point I thought maybe Mikky was going to take his clothes off and join Rihanna in the tub but he probably didn’t want to get a beating from a certain somebody…

It kind of reminds me of the music video Avril Lavigne did for her song “Wish You Were Here,” in which she too was in the bath tub, only she sported a lot of non waterproof mascara. This is one of the most heartbreaking videos by Avril ever. I wasn’t expecting this from her. It made me think of my grandma. I cried…

There was also “Everytime” by Britney Spears where she attempted reincarnation.

#Battleofthevideos: What do you think of the video? Which one did you like better? Are there any other videos that contain “bath scenes?” If it was for shedding the most tears, Avril wins!

I always thought making a music video in the bath tub would be a great idea, maybe I should try it? LOL!

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