This film is shown through the mothers perspective and begs the question, what if you raise a psychopath? Definitely hard subject matter but an important film especially with all that has gone on lately.The acting was fantastic and so was the cinematography, they don’t let you know the whole story at first, it just keeps you on your toes. There is also the color red in almost every seen. The standout role for me was Ezra, I am looking forward to what he will be in next.

Ezra on playing Kevin:

One of the most important things to me about playing Kevin is that he can’t simply just be a “monster” — the audience needs to be seduced by Kevin. When I read the script, I immediately understood that the way the film would be most effective was if Kevin’s perspective was compelling and the audience members found themselves in the sort of morally bankrupt situation of momentarily identifying with Kevin. And pulling yourself out of that it almost, like, made them culpable. What I wanted more than anything was to believe his sentiments so strongly, to have his head so certain of itself that an audience member would actually be compelled.

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