True to the Crichtonian formula, Timeline features an amusement-minded entrepreneur who drags a bunch of smart people into a dangerous situation. No dinosaurs this time. Instead, it’s the Middle Ages.

Really great idea, it would be really neat to travel to the past. I am so fascinated right now with period tv shows like The Borgias, etc so I was really looking forward to seeing a film like this where a modern person could go back in time. Although the science behind how they got there didn’t make much sense, the movie was good. I didn’t quite understand how the artifacts they found in the future had to stay how they were in the past, I guess showing how destiny is pre-written? The battlegrounds and the sets themselves weren’t as great or cinematic as Game of Thrones or The Borgias, and these are tv shows. For a major motion picture, I found it was lacking in these respects.

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